Get the most out of furniture consignments

Selling unwanted items at a local consignment store Solana Beach is a great way to get those items out of the house and earn additional money. Consignment items are sold in a store at a price based on its condition and overall value. The consignment store takes a percentage of the final price and pays the consignor after the item has sold. For many, this is a great way to sell their items because they do not have to deal with selling it, storing it and posting ads online. The consignment shop handles all of that.

consignment store Solana Beach

Though there is little work when consigning furniture in a local store, there is some prep work that needs to be done. The work put into preparing an item to be sold will help increase the value and make it attractive to buyers. Conduct a thorough check of the items to ensure there is no damage. If there is damage, determine if it can be properly repaired. If not, do not take it to the consignment store.

Next, clean up the item and make it look like new. This includes getting dirt and gunk out of the crevasses, polishing and using wood oil on furniture surfaces. Use an upholstery cleaner on all fabric-based consignment Solana Beach furniture. The better the condition and the cleaner an item looks, the greater the chance of earning top dollar for it.

When looking to consign furniture it is also important to know what to sell and what not to sell. Items that tend to sell the best include upholstered furniture, leather furniture, wood furniture, unique items, home accessories, dining sets, buffet tables, items made midcentury and select modern art pieces. Items that do not sell well include patterned upholstery (flowers, stripes and plaids), glass tabletops, TV armoires, china cabinets, rugs, anything with brass and items from the 70s and 80s.

What a consignment store will accept to sell depends greatly upon the store’s current inventory and customer needs. Check with the local consignment store for items they are looking for and their consignment consignment store Solana Beach online policies. Many stores will take a look at an item and give their honest opinion of its value and if it can be sold.

Those looking to earn a little extra cash should take a look around the house. There are many items that can be sold at local consignment shops. Selling at these shops could bring in more money than selling furniture items at a yard sale or online, making them the best choice when selling unwanted items.

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